Contributors instructions


Request for original research articles for JNHM 2009

Dear Researchers,

Please find the following instruction for submitting your original research article to JNHM. Your contribution for this journal will be appreciated.

The Journal publishes original papers dealing with the various aspects of biodiversity, taxonomy, ecology, paleontology, cytology, physiology, ethno biology, anatomy, geology, environmental science and microbiology. The submitted manuscripts must:

be written in English


be submitted in duplicate, printed or type written on one side of the paper


words mentioned in the title should not be repeated in keywords


manuscripts should be accompanied with a cover letter containing submission data and address of an author/authors


be sent either by registered mail or hand over personally to managing editor


The Managing Editor

Journal of Natural History Museum

Swayambhu, Kathmandu, Nepal

Manuscripts previously published or submitted for publication elsewhere should not be submitted. All manuscripts received for the journal are sent to one or more referees. The Editorial Board decides acceptance of each manuscript on the basis of referee’s comments, and may request revision of manuscripts to authors or return them as rejected. Final submissions of accepted papers on floppy disks/CDs are desirable. If possible, the contributors are also requested to examine the current issue of the journal.

References should be cited as follows:

Pringssheim, E.G. (1946). Pure Culture of Algae. Cambr. Univ. Press. London.

West, R.M., J.R. Lukacs, J. Munthe and S.T. Hussian (1978). Vertebrate fauna from Neogene Siwalik Group, Dang Valley, W. Nepal. J. Paleontology, 52 (5): 1041-1022.

The Journal reserves the right, other things being equal, to give priority to articles submitted by museum staff for publication.